Jabco Management Group

Jabour Realty Company has a broad range of specialized services within the Real Estate industry, such as brokerage, property management and financial services. Our property management portfolio consists of cooperatives, condominiums, and rental apartments and stores. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality management services available.

As your Managing Agent we will:

  • Provide you with 24 hour, 7 days-a-week emergency services.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection of your building structure and systems and report our findings to you, the owner.
  • Implement a preventive maintenance and quality control program to identify potential problems and establish short and long term goals.
  • Have weekly walk-through inspections.
  • Prepare and file annual state building registration.

As your Financial Administrator we will:

  • Collect and deposit monthly maintenance fees.
  • Perform a monthly reconciliation of your building account.
  • Provide billing disbursements, payroll, income and expense statements, arrears analysis, as well as quarterly financial and management reports.
  • Provide vendor reports of all paid and unpaid bills.
  • Prepare and maintain a financial filing system for your building.
  • Provide you with a year-end income and expense report.
  • Secure annual C.P.A. Independent Auditor’s Report.

Jabour Realty Company, in addition to our Real Estate business, has eighteen years experience managing condominium and cooperative buildings. As we are directly involved in the development and construction of some of the newer buildings in the area, we have first-hand knowledge of their particular management and maintenance needs.

Focusing our attention on smaller building projects allows our staff to offer the highest quality management services available.

Unlike larger management companies who provide a generalized package of services, Jabour Realty Company understands smaller building complexes have unique needs that require individual attention. We will consult with you to design a management package.

To discuss your management needs and concerns and provide you with an in-depth view of the professional services jabour realty company has to offer, contact Wade Jabour Jr. You can e-mail me, or call me at (718)-535-7890, or drop by our office.